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Courses & Therapy

The Fortune Centre of Riding Therapy

Learning through horses has been described as “an alternative seat of learning” and horses themselves likened to “a powerful mood altering drug”..

The scope and impact of horses in what is often known as Equine Facilitated Education and Therapy (EFET) is well known and yet has great scope for further recognition, growth and development. Horses still have the unharnessed promise of an untapped resource. When the horse and its environment is at the heart of teaching and learning, many services and professions can work together for the holistic benefit of individuals.

Horses are inclusive and without prejudice, treating all people equally. The FCRT plans naturally occurring learning opportunities around horses to bring out the best potential in people.

The recognition of the value and impact of EFET can be found in the work of the FCRT. In its provision of the residential Further Education Through Horsemastership (FETH) Course, the FCRT serves as an Independent Specialist Provider (ISP) to which the government – through Local Authorities – refer and fund young people whose educational needs cannot be met in ordinary General Further Education Colleges.

On the residential FETH Course and in Weekly Riding Therapy sessions the impact of the movement of the horse and the structure and routine of the horse and its environment are used to add to the lives of young people normally otherwise separated from their peers by their complex disabilities.

  • FETH Course

    We offer a life changing opportunity in our residential three year Further Education through Horsemastership (FETH) Course for young people with Learning Difficulties, aged between 16 and 25 years...

    Fortune Forums

    Different groups of people of all ages, from the local and wider community, can visit FCRT to observe, exchange information, meet fellow professionals and to borrow our facilities...

    Weekly Riding Therapy

    We run Weekly Riding Therapy sessions for local children aged 2 to 12 years who have a variety of complex physical, emotional or learning needs...

  • Work Experience

    The FCRT welcomes people seeking work placements, often in the final year of their training or a university course, for whom knowledge of Equine Facilitated work adds a additional dimension to their own specialism...

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