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Meet The Horses

Horses at The Fortune Centre of Riding Therapy

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The horses are the core of our organisation and our mission.

Most of the horses that work here are owned by the FCRT, although a small number are generously loaned for the work. The horses are of different types, sizes and temperaments, which mirrors and responds to the diverse range and needs of the individuals with whom the FCRT works.

There are currently 24 horses at the FCRT.

Horses are what the FCRT is all about and are the focal point of the work. For some people being with horses provides their only purpose and reason for getting up in the morning!

The sight, smell, feel and movement of horses provide sufficient power for some people to change the way they behave, react and learn. For people that are in their element around horses, every aspect of their care and world can provide effective education and therapy. The horses’ routines, needs, responses and total acceptance are all starting points for human development. As a carrying animal horses offer to people an experience of partnership and affinity that can form the basis of giving people confidence, true self-esteem and well-being.

The FCRT looks for horses that are consistent in their behaviour, that enjoy living in a group and being cared for by a number of different people. It is imperative that the horses are sound in both temperament and movement.  If you know of a horse – or pony – that maybe suitable for the work at the FCRT and that is looking for a new home please let us know!

Some of our horses are available to sponsor - select a horse below to find out more!









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    Meet Billy the dark bay Cob and find out how to sponsor him...

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    Meet Monty the liver chesnut Welsh Cob and find out how to sponsor him...

    Sponsor Me!


    Meet Troy the handsome chesnut Cob and find out how to sponsor him...

The Fortune Centre of Riding Therapy is looking for a

horse with an ideal temperament

(preferably gelding), to work to provide education and therapy

for young children with complex disabilities.

He should be experienced, with as long a stride as possible,

and a weight carrier over 15hh!

He must be tolerant of New Forest (crab/deer) flies!

Loan or purchase considered.

If you know such a horse, please contact

Claire Wesson (tel: 01425 673297) or email c.wesson@fcrt.ac.uk



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