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Therapeutic Riding Sessions

Weekly Riding Therapy at The Fortune Centre of Riding Therapy

The Fortune Centre of Riding Therapy (FCRT) offers Weekly Riding Therapy sessions to local children usually between 2 and 12 years of age with a variety of special needs which may be due to physical, learning, communication or emotional difficulties.

The FCRT offers Therapeutic Vaulting and Hippotherapy.


(hippos, Greek = horse) is a specialised physiotherapy treatment which uses the movement of the horse as the physiotherapy modality.  A sheepskin or specialised tack frequently replaces a saddle to allow the children with physical disabilities to fully benefit from the horses rhythmical, three dimensional movement.

Hippotherapy sessions are run by the FCRT Physiotherapist with postgraduate training and appropriate equine experience.

Theraputic Vaulting (mounted gymnastics) are offered to children who have particular difficulties with communication, behaviours and interaction.

In all the Weekly Riding Therapy Sessions, the horses used to develop each individual child’s abilities and skill. Motivation is through enjoyment. The children learn to trust the horse and their helpers and to develop self confidence and self esteem.

The sessions are run by qualified riding instructors, trained and specialising in the provision of therapeutic vaulting.

Each child / young person will be assessed by the physiotherapist prior to starting at the FCRT either by telephone consultation with parent / carer or by appointment. The FCRT enrolment forms must be completed in full and signed by the child / young person’s doctor before they can start the sessions. The initial session will be a mounted assessment with a view to determining the most appropriate riding therapy programme to offer.

An individual programme of sessions is offered to each child / young person over a period of time most appropriate for their individual needs usually on a termly basis. The child / young person will have regular reviews throughout their time at the FCRT. These sessions are usually available for no more than two years.

How can my child qualify for a place?

Children are selected and referred by the staff at the special needs schools which have a timetabled arrangement to attend the FCRT. Application for places for other sessions, please note that these are limited, may be made directly to the FCRT. Please request a weekly rider enquiry form by contacting reception at ATY or by email to admissions@fcrt.ac.uk

FCRT follows the recommendation of The Chartered Physiotherapists in Therapeutic Riding and Hippotherapy (CPTRH) and also ask for a medical form completed and signed by a Doctor stating that he/she is agreeable to their participating.


See also: Hippotherapy

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