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FETH Course

Further Education Through Horsemastership (FETH) Course

An alternative environment of learning - The stable yard is our classroom!


The Fortune Centre of Riding Therapy (FCRT) works with horses to help people with learning difficulties and disabilities to learn life skills. The residential FETH Course enables students to transfer skills that they want to learn into skills they need to learn, thereby developing the ability to lead more independent lives.


The skills learned on the course improve literacy, numeracy and communication, broadening social horizons and relationships at home, at the FCRT and in the wider community. Students become more competent in daily living. They increase in self care and awareness and learn how to approach household tasks, including cooking and laundry. They learn safety awareness, personal money management, how to use public transport and benefit from the opportunity for work experience.


An equine based setting is eminently suited to providing the context and motivation for learning in practical ways rather than in a conventional classroom setting. Self-care skills and social requirements are taught as they arise. The key point of the motivation that horses provide is its use in then transferring teaching and learning opportunities into areas and times when life skills learning is essential to developing social skills and reducing vulnerability. The learning process on the FETH Course is across an extended curriculum.  Staff that work with our students in these horse-based sessions will also work with her in residential and community based situations in order to facilitate the transference of skills learnt into everyday situations.


The FETH Course is for young people with learning difficulties and disabilities aged between 16 and 25 years, and who enjoy being with horses more than anything else. Prospective students are those who usually have and Education, Health and Care plan, have not progressed at school and whose learning needs cannot be met in their local General Further Education College.

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Contact Us

Please call The Fortune Centre of Riding Therapy on 01425 673297 or email enquiries@fcrt.ac.uk for further information.

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