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Meet the Staff

The staff at the Fortune Centre of Riding Therapy

The staff at the FCRT are committed to working alongside horses to provide people with education and therapy. Horses know no bounds in their effect on people. The impact of learning around horses has scope for learning in a variety of areas. The FCRT staff have a variety of experience and qualifications.

The multi-disciplinary staff work together across twenty four hours seven days a week to provide a holistic service to match the opportunities of EFET. The ratio of staff to residential FETH Course students is determined by both the needs of the individual student and in relation to requirements of student funding authorities. Other services provided by the FCRT are staffed as appropriate and some of the work is only made possible by the consistent and generous time given by local volunteers.

The staff team is led by the Director of the FCRT and operates in a structure governed by a board of Trustees. The FCRT is also supported by a Patron, President, Vice Presidents, Honorary Promoters and volunteer members of various committees.

  • Jane Delves


    Jane is the Director of the Fortune Centre of Riding Therapy.

    Jane can be contacted on:

    Telephone: 01425 673297

    email: jae.delves@fcrt.ac.uk

  • Denise Bolam

    Head of Personnel

    Email: dj.bolam@fcrt.ac.uk

  • Sarah Hough

    Head of Finance and Company Secretary

    Email: sj.hough@fcrt.ac.uk

  • Richard Mosley

    Residential Co-ordinator

    The students on the FETH Course (during term time) and FCRT Associates (throughout the year) live in FCRT accommodation on three sites. Accommodation is subject to inspection by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). Students and Associates are supported in using the transferrable skills they learn working with the horses when in the residential environment and Richard is responsible for overseeing this.

    Email: rg.mosley@fcrt.ac.uk

  • Jane Pritchard-Williams

    EFET Lead

    The FCRT continues to promote and develop the provision of EFET.  Jane is working on the development of new and innovative work, alongside supporting the staff and current students with the implementation of EFET within the FETH Course.

    Email: j.pritchard-williams@fcrt.ac.uk

  • Naomi Rees

    Head of Healthcare and Safeguarding Officer

    As the FCRT Safeguarding Officer, Naomi responds to all the medical needs of students and also monitors issues that contribute to maintaining health and well being. 

    The FCRT has excellent safeguarding policies and procedures in place to ensure the safety of students and staff.

    Email: nr.rees@fcrt.ac.uk

  • Claire Wesson

    Head of Equine

    Claire is responsible for the health and well-being of all of the horses who are resident at the FCRT.  The management and daily running of the yard is imperative to the smooth running of the FETH Course, for students and other FCRT services.

    Email: c.wesson@fcrt.ac.uk

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